Hooray for rejoining Earwolf

Specially forum-wise! As a matter of fact, there's already a section for The Canon on the forums there and it is WAY better than here: http://forum.earwolf.com/forum/112-the-canon/

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The forums over there look like dedicated forum software rather than some awful all-in-one crm abomination. Looks like all new members need to be manually approved though so it might take a minute for you to get posting rights over there. RIP Mountain Hughes.

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Agreed! Never really got the whole Wolfpop split. From the beginning it was weird when for like a week U Talkin U2 to Me? and HDTGM become Wolfpop shows then went right back. New shows that should have been Wolfpop shows went to Earwolf (Question of the Day for instance) and no new Wolfpop shows since launch. The whole thing has just been a mess.

Hopefully this means A) better forums and B) more exposure for the show!

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