Request: An Amy Special

First off, recently found this podcast and can't get enough of it. Should have figured since hearing Amy on those Grantland pods from back in the day (too early?). Anyways, I'd like to recommend Magnolia with Miss Nicholson's hero Tom Cruise versus There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis, who Amy hates.

Doing great work on here, Devin and Amy.

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I'm in desperate need to rewatch MAGNOLIA, it's been over a decade. Having just rewatched THERE WILL BE BLOOD, I'm itching for a PTA canon episode. I'd hate it to be a versus, because I wouldn't want to VS. Tarantino either, but I think most of their work would be very interesting episodes.

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I generally don't like versus episodes, but I like pitting two PT Anderson movies against each other. That said, that's a lot to watch.

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