Request: Donner's Superman vs Burton's Batman.

Obviously it's timely, but also I think these two movies are really important milestones when it comes to superhero films, which have obviously taken over the whole industry since their debuts. Also, it's an opportunity to compare not only the two films themselves, but the other incarnations of the characters in comics, tv, more recent cinematic versions, etc.

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Nice. This would be a great episode.

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I know which would get MY vote, but all the same, this would be a fantastic pairing. Old school versus older school. Two films that barely use visual effects and mostly don't need them.

I don't know much about Superman fandom. Is the first one considered to be better than the second? The second seems to get referenced more, with Zod and all. Because (though I know it's impossible), I'd love more than...most see Batman Returns get its due as well. Because of hard-dying Batman campiness was still seen as a "kids' film" (it's perfectly acceptable for kids, only potentially disturbing to those looking for something to freak out about), and, well, its popular/angry parents rejection led to Batman & Robin. Whose failure led to the modern comic book movie era. So it's the granddaddy/mommy of all that we got goin' on today. And since it's still all dark and broody, it's the adoptive mother/father of the modern DC flicks.

But back to the point, yeah, any of these pre-Spiderman comic book movies would be fine, and this has to be the best matchup to start with. Also, depending on when the film comes out (I don't know and don't care), incredibly timely. Great suggestion!

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