O Brother and modern politics.

Near the end of the O brother episode, there was a little digression over contemporary politics. As a Bernie supporter it was difficult to hear how you guys think of us. I don't think i'm a racist misogynistic libertarian. I just kind of want to throw that out there.

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The guy is a legit champion for the poor and working classes, and those were some bizarre comments from Devin. Amy's comments, on the other hand, were fair and thoughtful IMO.

I'd always figured Devin was fairly left-leaning, and now we have the first actual leftist candidate with a shot at winning and Devin calls him "awful". I'm curious to know what specifically makes him awful in Devin's eyes; Bernie himself, his actual policy positions... as opposed to whatever internet comments Devin may have read from scummy ex-Ron Paulers who may also support Bernie. ???

I'd like to add that the 'BernieBros' thing is a narrative being pushed hard by the Clinton campaign; they pushed a nearly identical narrative in '08 against Obama:




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I'm a pretty active Republican, but I'd rather see Bernie as president than Trump. I for the life of me don't understand the support his candidacy has. Hillary is a corrupt liar. Anyway, it was a true statement how a period piece from 2000 can reflect a sad truth about American politics.

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