The Canon 49 | 11/2/15
Planet of the Apes

On this week's episode, Ant-Man director Peyton Reed & stand-up/possibly the biggest Planet of the Apes nerd ever, Dana Gould join Devin & Amy! Join as they dissect this classic film, the epic evolution debate, and find out where you can find original set pieces yourself out in the wilderness! Don't forget to head to the Wolfpop forums to cast your vote!



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I'm posting here out of protest. And desperation. I've been trying to post replies in the latest Forum threads, but I just can't. I type them, and hit "Submit", and there's some whirring of the browser, and then nothing happens. A day or two later, the post is never registered. I've been silenced Censored. Even if (maybe) by a gremlin.. Any idea what the problem is?

I wanted to post my reasoning for choosing Empire above other choices. Which is a complicated matter, actually. I honestly don't know if my vote for Empire in that hyperlinked choice-thingee page actually counts. If none of my comments here count, does that page even recognize me?

I love the show, I don't wanna give up on commenting. Especially if I don't know what the problem is.