CANON 25 | 5/4/15
Pretty In Pink

Get ready for a nostalgia bomb to drop as Devin & Amy discuss their first John Hughes film, 1986’s Pretty in Pink. Is there any real drama in the movie other than who Andie should have ended up with in the end? Is Duckie one of the worst obnoxious nerd characters of all 80s movies? How did Harry Dean Stanton get miscast in this? Tune in to hear Devin & Amy share stories of their prom and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!



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Haven't listened yet, but I'm pumped. I'm a John Hughes fan. Great song, too.

11 posts

No to any movie by John Hughes.
Two of the movies that actually reflected my teen life were Repo Man and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
As an eighties teenager those movies only highlighted how deeply Hollywood movies and the 'older generation' didn't get our generation at all. The people I knew never loved those movies. We watched them because there weren't any better movies that were made available to us. I had a bit of a teen crush on Molly Ringwald.
(She was pretty, but she was girl next door pretty).
In a parallel universe, Molly Ringwald accepted the offer to play the Laura Dern character in Blue Velvet and got to star in a good movie.